How Digital Marketing Can Give your Small Business An Extra Edge

You Can Win. Yes…You Can !!!


Do you have a fixed mindset that you can not compete with the big players of your niche?

Planning for growth, but not ready to take risks? 


No more worries…I will share simple & affordable methods where you can plan for your growth minimizing the risk factors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an irresistible wound in our global economy. When we lost hope to “return to normal” and got prepared for “new normal life”, we actually settled down to “uncertainty.” However, the uncertainty has taught us a lesson of readiness, resilience, and recovery.


Let us take a look at  different types of small businesses :

  1. Retail Business: Gift Shop, Clothing stores
  2. Service Business: Spa, Wedding photography, physiotherapy, etc.
  3. Restaurant: Restaurants, bar, etc

Let us take a closer look at the job profile of a small business manager of any one of the above businesses:

Overseeing business operations

Project planning in details

Assigning tasks and setting deadlines for projects

Ensuring the business runs smoothly,  projects are on track, and driving growth.

Coordinating with HR on new positions that may need to be created, positions that need to be filled

Prepare reports for senior management

Ensure the department complies with company policies

Managers also ensure workers have the proper resources in place to complete their work.


Let us review the job profile of the small business owner of any of the above businesses:

Replying to Emails and Messages, taking phone calls

Networks to increase her circle of contacts,

Reviews her finances,

Legal Issues and Bookkeeping

Pays bills, orders products,

Deals with human resources & other operational issues and

Assists her customers on a typical business day.

Developing skillset

Find leisure time for yourself & spending time with family

Addressing key performance indicators and areas of improvement.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with an artist to arrange a special event & send out press releases

It seems that both manager and owner have a lot on their plate and spreading yourself too thin may compromise your results.  


Finding time to scale up or growth mentality does not appear in any of the job responsibilities of either the manager or the owner (as they are too busy with their usual work schedule).


And if somebody is planning to scale up, he has to face challenges. Some of them are : 

  1. Finding the right opportunities,
  2. A lot of planning,
  3. Taking risks, and
  4. Being a leader in your role


To cut a long story short, the small business faces 3 major problems :

  1. Lack Of Proper Marketing.
  2. Getting And Retaining Customers.
  3. Money Management.



Worried about your next step?

 Ok…let me show you the way ahead…

I am sure that you have thought about the following, but have not been able to achieve many of them.


Reaching the right audience

Driving new business

To engage with your audience

To motivate your audience to take action

Increasing customer retention

Building brand awareness

Improving customers’ experience

Increasing competitive displacement

Efficient spending on your campaign

Return on Investment (ROI)


This has been a period characterized by uncertainty. However, the fast speed of digital adoption has been phenomenal. Individuals have spent a greater amount of their lives online than at any other time before.

 “Through it all, some companies have managed to do more than just weather the storm — they’ve been able to recover and even grow “: Google

The unexpected shift & surge in people going online for work, shop, education, hobbies, friends, entertainment etc have emerged as a new audience segment. These evolving audience segments with shifting behaviors are awaiting to be addressed with their changing needs and wants.

Let me clarify few things more :

Please understand that digital transformation is a continuous process. The faster you take a plunge in the process, the better. If ‘survival of the fittest is the mantra, then adoption of this process is the credible option available to you right now. 

With this transformation, you can reach your target audience, build your brand and create a community of loyal customers. You can achieve all these business goals with minimum risk & incurring much less expense.

The digital framework will ensure you implement a robust marketing campaign.

With meaningful engagement with your customers, reviews, the better in-store experience you can understand your customers more precisely.

You can connect online and offline touchpoints of your customers making your campaign even more penetrating.

Then what are you waiting for?


Ok..let me break down the action steps you need to take :

1) Build your presence in Google & Social Media

2) Build customer relationships in online platforms

3) Reach a wide range of target customers with online advertising

4) Work from anywhere collaborating with others


A recent report released by Hubspot shows that “While 76% of marketers report running marketing campaigns now, only 35% of those who don’t plan on starting in 2021.” 

Don’t be left behind for not taking any action.

Milton Friedman (the Nobel Prize-winning economist) once said: “When a crisis occurs, the actions that are taken  depend on the ideas that are lying around.”


Can you transport yourself from “uncertainty” to “new normal life” now? 

Can you convert your challenges into opportunities?


If you need any more clarification, you may please reach out to me. I would love to talk to you.

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